Bowls Season 2019 – 2020

Joan Sweet, John Migliorisi and Lyn Tagell

Ric Pendry, Sheila Ormerod and Alex Sutherland

Hans Bischofberger, Lorraine Day and Trevor Teer

Roy Smith, Fred Kellow, Frank Tagell and John Hill (Tarwin Lower)

Jan Jeeves with Bryan and Wendy Donohue

Heather and Steve Blanch with Frank Cimino

Bare Foot Bowls Winners with Trevor Teer
Carl Lindsay, Steve Griffiths and Wayne Dalton

Jill Demo, Joan Sweet, Colin Ormerod and Maz Cox

Bernie Bambling, Pam Wintrup, Lorraine Stanes and Joy Phillips

Bob Cornelis, Rob Aitken and John Davies

Frank Cimino, Aldo Sartori, Peter Miller and Rick Pendry

Mary McBain, Jim Mitchell and Peter McBain

Frank and Bernadette Garden (Essendon) with Wayne Parks (Inverloch)

Mick Coram (Inverloch) and Ben Mattock

Trevor Teer and Adam Jager (Sydney)

Jan Lavell, Glad Mitford and Sheila Ormerod

Pam Russell, Frank Tagell and Wendy Donohue

Alex Sutherland and Chris Miller

Ken Webb and Rob Aitken (Best Club Persons  2018-9) with Trevor Teer

Maz Cox, Heather Blanch and Joy Phillips

Mary McBain, Jay Allen Dale, Cass Donohue and Pam Wintrup
– Lila Cotter Ladies Fours winners @ Berwick

Toney Toler, Sheila and Colin Ormerod

Pam Wintrup, George Pargeter and Pam Russell

Pam Wintrup, Frank Tagell, Heather Blanch and Helen Brosnan

Rob Aitken, George Pargeter and Terry Biddulph (Tarwin Lower)

Jan Lavell, Mary McBain, Helen Brosnan and Sheila Ormerod

Rick Pendry, AlexSutherland and Terry Biddulph

George Pargeter, Pam Russell and Pam Wintrup

Cass Donohue, Rob Allan and Pat Smith

Ken Webb and Wally Leijen

RexThorn, Cass Donohue, Jan Lavell and Maz Cox

Wendy Donohue, John Duscher and Marg Huther

Trevor Teer presenting the “Bunerong Shield” to Ron Burge (Inverloch)


Frank Tagell, Pam Russell and Lyn Tagell


Sheila Ormerod, Kevin Wintrup and Dawn Jensen

Ken Webb and Bryan Donohue

Rae Haines, Wendy Donohue and Cass Donohue