Bowls Season 2020 – 2021

Cass Donohue, Mike Applin, Ron Snooks and Rob Allan

Rick Pendry, Lorraine Day and Fred Kellow

John Hill (Tarwin Lower), Rae Haines and Wayne Mattock

Bryan Donohue receiving “Rex Rees – Best Club Person” award

Rod Hogan, Trevor Teer and Adrian Gray

Barry Dicker, Roy Smith and John Duscher

Trevor Teer, Joan Sweet and Chris Rose

Ron Snooks and Allan Ireland

Roy Smith and Barry Dicker

Rob Aitken, Sheila Ormerod and Adrian Gray

Trevor Teer, Jaye Allen-Dayle and Scott Miller

Ken Gage and Roger Lee

Bryan Donahue and Joy Phillips (Back) with Jan Jeeves and Rae Haines

Ray Hin, Rae Haines and Chris Rose

Rae Haines and Alan Bolding

Steve Babb and Guilio Marcolongo