Bowls Season 2020 – 2021

Jan Jeeves (Strzelecki Novice Ladies Champion) with Frank Seaton

Trevor Teer, Guilio Marcolongo, Bryan Donohue and Rob Aitken

Wendy Donohue, Scott Morison and Frank Tagell

Steve Babb and Dawn Jensen

Col Binch, Joan Sweet and Ray Hin

Peter Forrest, Kevin Brown and John Newcombe (Phillip Island)

John Duscher, Marin Hannaford (Inverloch) and Steve Snelling ((Inverloch)

Dave Roberts, Mick Coram and Michael Cosgrove (Inverloch)

Denise Silver, Heather Blanch and Ray Hin

Syd Gostling, Rob Aitken and Ron Snooks

Alice Wright, Julie Kellow and Rick Pendry

Jim Martin, Rae Haines and Bryan Donohue

Hans Bischofberger, Rob Aitken and Chris Miller

Craig Fisher, Wayne Parkes (Inverloch) and John Migliorisi

Gary Hardy, Mick Coram and Andrew Rowe (Inverloch)

Chris Rose and Frank Tagell

Tyson Chaplain, Rod Beech and Peter Miller

Aldo Sartori, John Duscher, Pat Smith and Jim Mitchell

Neville Sweet, Julie Kellow and John Migliorisi

Heather Blanch, Stan Noad and Sheila Ormerod

Rob (Dino) Dennis and Peter McBain

Lyn Tagell and George Pargeter

Colin Ormerod, Lyn Tagell and Lex Milkins

George Pargeter, Veronica Griffiths and John Hill (Tarwin Lower)

Bryan Donohue, Lorraine Day and Peter Miller

Steve Babb, Peter McBain and Maurice Chaplain

Lorraine Stanes, Neville Sweet, Rob (Dino) Dennis and Frank Cimino

Steve Babb. Rae Haines, Aldo Sartori and Joy Phillips

Mick Cosgrove, Mick Coram and Gary Hardy

Andy and Robyn Dennis with Bob Anketell (San Remo)

Guilio Marcolongo, Lorraine Stanes, Chris Miller and Julian Wildenberg

Ray Hin, John Migliorisi and Alex Sutherland

Bryan and Wendy Donohue with Toney Toler

Rod Beech, Peter Miller, John Paterno and Denise Silver

Scott Miller, Frank Cimino and John Duscher

Rob Allan, Chris Miller and John Migliorisi

Howard Woolfe, Dawn Jensen and Jim Mitchell

Glad Mitford and Frank Tagell

Joan Anderson and Lyn Tagell

Howard Woolfe, George Pargeter and Bob Cornelis

John Migliorisi, Mary McBain and Frank Tagell

Rod Beech and Joy Phillips

Hans Bischofberger and Frank Cimino

Rob Aitken and Roy Smith

Howard Woolfe and George Pargeter

Craig Fisher, Sue Parker and Fred Kellow

Cass Donohue, Frank Tagell and Chris Rose

Sue Parker and Bryan Donohue

Jim Martin and Glenn Birt

The Bunurong Shield

Cass Donohue, Mike Applin, Ron Snooks and Rob Allan

Rick Pendry, Lorraine Day and Fred Kellow

John Hill (Tarwin Lower), Rae Haines and Wayne Mattock

Bryan Donohue receiving “Rex Rees – Best Club Person” award

Rod Hogan, Trevor Teer and Adrian Gray

Barry Dicker, Roy Smith and John Duscher

Trevor Teer, Joan Sweet and Chris Rose

Ron Snooks and Allan Ireland

Roy Smith and Barry Dicker

Rob Aitken, Sheila Ormerod and Adrian Gray

Trevor Teer, Jaye Allen-Dayle and Scott Miller

Ken Gage and Roger Lee

Bryan Donahue and Joy Phillips (Back) with Jan Jeeves and Rae Haines

Ray Hin, Rae Haines and Chris Rose

Rae Haines and Alan Bolding

Steve Babb and Guilio Marcolongo