Turkey Triples 2019 – 2020

Martin Hannaford and Doug Archer (Inverloch) with John Duscher

Frank Seaton, Rob Old (San Remo) and Wally Leijen

Fred Martin, Pat Donohue and John Hutt (Tarwin Lower)

Rod Beech, Roy Smith and Vic Piasente

Trevor Teer with Frank Seaton, Wally Leijen and Barry Dicker

Trevor Teer with Fred Kellow, Arthur Moule (Inverloch) and Allan Ireland

Rob Aitken, Gavin Butler (Inverloch) and Trevor Teer

Russell May (Phillip Island), Marg Pointon (Atherton Tablelands) and Glen Cohen (Phillip Island)

Chris Fricke, Graeme Cornell and Kevin Wagner (Phillip Island)

Fred Kellow, John Paterno (Phillip Island) and Allan Ireland

Trevor Teer, Rob Aitken and Gavin Butler

John Newcombe, Kevin Brown and Peter Forrest (Phillip Island)

Graham Cornell, Daryl Major and Kevin Wagner (Phillip Island)

Mike Bowman, Chas Buccilli (Inverloch) and Graham Jackson