Weekly Report

Sunday October 18th

Another good week of bowls with a very good number of bowlers last Wednesday on the greens. We are happy to welcome visitors from surrounding clubs to enjoy our greens and be part of our club activities. There were four two game winners on the day. The runners up were the team of John Hill, a visitor from Tarwin who lives in Wonthaggi, Rae Haines and Wayne Mattock with a score of 33 points. The winners on the day, with a very good score of 36 points, were Rick Pendry, Lorraine Day, Trevor Teer and Fred Kellow and as our team found out, a very reliable team of bowlers.
Saturday was a very different day with the rain clearing up mid morning but it was still a cold windy day. A good number of bowlers took to the greens with only one team winning two games. They were Cass Donohue, Mike Applin, Ron Snooks and Rob Allan. The best of the rest was the team of Frank Cimino, Guilio Marcolongo and Frank Seaton who collected second prize money.
Friday morning coaching is on from 10am to 12 noon and is open to bowlers and people who would like to just have try, so just come along.
Next Saturday we have a pennant practice match against Inverloch starting at 1 pm. All players are required to wear club uniform.
There are a number of sheets on the board with singles and pairs under way so make sure you play these matches as soon as possible.
Don’t forget our cup day event. The sheet is up in the clubhouse so put your name or names down to make the day a success and watch the race on the big screen.
Have a good week and good bowling.
Allan Ireland.

Cass Donohue, Mike Applin, Ron Snooks and Rob Allan

Rick Pendry, Lorraine Day and Fred Kellow

John Hill (Tarwin Lower), Rae Haines and Wayne Mattock