Weekly Report

Sunday September 19.

Pennant practice was allowed this week for Members only. Wednesday saw a fine day for our first practice session with no competition. People were happy to get the opportunity to have a roll on the green in the sunshine. We played one game of 16 ends, which after a break, is a good practice session. Even with no competition it is still worth a mention of the team that had the best score who were Rob Allan, Colin Ormerod and Howard Wolfe, three fine bowlers.
Saturday saw a windy day that only went downhill. With a 1.00 pm start, 10 ends into the practice session the greens were covered with hail and that brought the day to an end.
Next week we have Pennant practice on Wednesday at 1.00 pm ,Thursday at 10 00 am and Saturday at 1 00 pm. Please note that Thursday practice is open to all Pennant bowlers, male and female, so come along and take the opportunity to catch up on a bit of practice.
Have a good week and good bowling.
Allan Ireland.

Rob Allan, Colin Ormerod and Howard Woolfe