Weekly Report

Sunday May 2

This has been a good week at the club with fine weather bringing people out to enjoy the sunshine. Wednesday saw a good number of bowlers take to the greens even though there were events at other local clubs. Two teams were on a total of 34 points with shots up being the difference. The winners were Frank Tagell, Ken Gage and Heather Blanch with a score of two wins, 34 points and 14 shots up. That was enough to claim first place over the team of Joan Sweet, Wendy Donohue and Peter McBain also with two wins, 34 points but 10 shots up.
Saturday saw a field of 48 bowlers take to the greens with the weather being perfect. We had several visitors from local clubs enjoying our greens. and also we had the return of Garry Clarkson to the greens which is always good. We had four two game winners in a format of three bowl triples of two games of ten ends. The winners on the day was the team of Sid Gostling, Jan Jeeves and John Migliorisi with a score of two wins and 35 points. The runners up were Andrew Engert, a new member, Sheila Ormerod and Rob Aitken with a score of two wins and 34 points.
The club is very proud to have a team in the State Fours Championships to be played on Tuesday the 4th of May at Bendigo. The team members are Trevor Teer, Bryan Donohue,  Guilio Marcolongo and Rob Aitken. We wish them the best of luck on the day. We also have Jan Jeeves playing for the State Novice Championship on the 9th of May which just happens to be Mothers day.What a present that would be for Jan.
Our A G M will be held on Thursday 13th of May at 7.00 pm sharp. Put that date on the calendar and show your support for the club.
Don’t forget Friday morning coaching at 10 00 am.
Have a good week and good bowling,
Allan Ireland.

Heather Blanch, Ken Gage and Frank Tagell

Wendy Donohue, Peter McBain and Joan Sweet

Syd Gostling, Jan Jeeves and John Migliorisi